Free Printable For Teaching 3 and 4 Chord Songs

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In a recent post I shared an important law that every piano teacher needs to know and abide by, The Law Of Friends, which essentially says that tweens and teens will practice diligently if you teach them music that their friends like. For most teens, this will mean teaching pop music. There is no need to abandon traditional repertoire altogether, but in order to connect deeply with students of this age you will most likely have to bring in some pop or jazz.

How do you do this with a student who doesn’t know enough theory or read music well enough to play songs at this level? The good news is that there are LOTS of songs that use only 3 or 4 chords and today’s FREE PRINTABLE makes it easy for you to teach them how to play these chords.

The sheet has 4 blank keyboards so that…

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Friday night music in Clinton summer 2013

I am so proud of all of our students. Thank you for sharing your beautiful music 🙂

Summer Recital 2013

Thank you students and teachers for an amazing summer recital! We are blessed to share our passion for music with so many amazing families!

Doing Clinton Springtime 2013

Thank you so much to everyone who played and came to music with us!

Music Development Program

We have a handful of students preparing for the Music Development Program this spring! (formerly the Achievement Program) Have you been rustling through all of the syllabi papers, sight reading books, and ear training pages? It is a lot of work! The technique charts in the syllabi are a little scary looking to my students, so I tried to create a few more ‘user-friendly’ technique charts 🙂 Please let me know if you would like me to send the file(s) to you!



Back to the blog!

Hello everyone! I can’t believe that our last blog post was in December! We have been using facebook more recently to post events and updates. I promise to start the new year with more blogging 🙂

One of my favorite events from this past year, besides being blessed with a beautiful baby boy, was our student mural and performance for ‘Doing Clinton’ in the spring. There is a little slideshow below of some of the students creating their artwork- I can’t wait to see all of our new hands on there this fall!


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