Main Street Musicking piano studio opened in December 2009. ‘Musicking’ is a term coined by Christopher Small, describing the processes of music making and the many relationships that it establishes.

A greater explanation of the term ‘musicking’ can be found in Christopher Small’s book Musicking: the meanings of performing and listening. For a shorter description, check out ‘The word that Wikipedia forgot: musicking’.

I became familiar with the term ‘musicking’ while studying music education under Felicity Laurence at the University of Newcastle in the UK. Felicity Laurence has worked with Mr. Small and is a great advocate of his works, and when she received news of the opening of my studio, she kindly emailed Mr. Small. He offered his best along with this wonderful picture of himself!


To music is to take part, in any capacity, in a musical performance, whether by performing, by listening, by rehearsing or practicing, by providing material for performance (what is called compos­ing), or by dancing. We might at times even extend its meaning to what the person is doing who takes the tickets at the door or the hefty men who shift the piano and the drums or the roadies who set up the instruments and carry out the sound checks or the cleaners who clean up after everyone else has gone. They, too, are all contributing to the nature of the event that is a musical performance.” -Small, 1998


I believe that every person has the ability to be musical and that there is no dream that is too big or too small!  I was blessed to be able to grow up in a musical home, where my passions for music were encouraged to be explored and developed. It is my goal in teaching to encourage the dreams of my students and to not only teach them how to read notes and understand musical theory, but to share with them a lifelong love and enjoyment of music.

I am so blessed and thankful to watch our studio grow with more teachers and students. Our lessons  include relative repertoire, scales and arpeggios, theory, ear training, sight reading, composition, and improvisation. Students will be encouraged and given opportunities to play in an annual recital and at other events throughout the year.

I believe that music studies can bring great satisfaction and personal enjoyment, and I consider it a joy to teach and watch our students learn and develop their musical skills!



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  1. Becky I’m so proud of you! Your studio iswonderful and I can’t believe it’s across from JJ Scoops, my favorite childhood place! I always remember you being so taleted and you have totally taken those talents and created something wonderful. I hope that you and your family are doing well. Please tell them I say hello. I miss the days of CCA alot and think about all the kids in our class frequently. Take care:)

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