Student quotes

Student (6 yrs. old): (After stumbling through a piece, addressed the music book) ‘You will not defeat me!!!’

Student (4 yrs. old): ‘Am I right-ed or left-ed?’

Teacher: ‘We decided together that you would practice this piece with both hands…’
Student (7 yrs. old): ‘Ohh but I’ve changed since then. I’ve blossomed!’

Teacher: If this note, E, has a flat, then it makes the next E in the same measure flat also.
Student (6 yrs old): Ohh, it’s like it’s a disease!

Teacher: ‘Do you know what sforzando means?’
Student (14 yrs. old): ‘Yea, it goes BWOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOW!’

Teacher: Repeat after me, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart.

Student: Wolfgame…I’m-a-disease….Mozart


Student: Are these notes bad?

Teacher: Why would you think that?

Student: Because you said they’re in trouble (treble)!


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