Music Development Program

We have a handful of students preparing for the Music Development Program this spring! (formerly the Achievement Program) Have you been rustling through all of the syllabi papers, sight reading books, and ear training pages? It is a lot of work! The technique charts in the syllabi are a little scary looking to my students, so I tried to create a few more ‘user-friendly’ technique charts 🙂 Please let me know if you would like me to send the file(s) to you!




Music band-aid

Sometimes music can be a band-aid for a scratch, tears, or a bad day.

My student came into her lesson yesterday in tears after her first softball practice. She didn’t want to go back to softball ever again! Fortunately, I had a brand new pink book to give her, which brought a small smile to her face. She began playing one of the songs in her pink book and when she couldn’t figure out some of the notes, she said, ‘Let’s just try the next one’. We talked together about not giving up, and she worked through the song in her book and then composed her own piece about…softball. I believe it ended with something like, ‘I hit a home run!’ When her lesson was over, she marched out with a big smile on her glowing face!

Thank you music 🙂